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The Maharaja of Tiles

Standard Pottery Works is an elite player in the clay tile manufacturing industry with over 40 years of experience. Our premium quality clay makes for highly durable, weatherproof and aesthetic tiles.

Elegant Classic Design

Apart from comfort and convenience, our clay tiles are designed to give your abode a premium look. Explore our range of Roofing Tiles, Weatherproof Tiles and Ceiling Tiles.

Multi-Functional Tiles

Made from 100% natural clay, Standard Pottery Works tiles are not only beautiful and long-lasting, but completely weatherproof as well.

Dedicated Customer Service

We're committed to helping you find exactly what you need. Our unmatched customer service ensures that you get the satisfaction you deserve.


Who We Are

Standard Pottery Works Pvt. Ltd. has 88 years of experience in clay tile manufacturing. From humble beginnings in Yelahanka, Bangalore, we now have several customers across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. From large corporate buildings to individual homes, our tiles have adorned many buildings with elegance and endurance.

Trusted and Experienced

Standard Pottery Works is a trusted brand with many years of experience, delivering unmatched service to our loyal customers.

Finest Quality First

Our powder-processed clay, fired at over 850°C, makes a sturdy, hardy tile. It's crafted beautifully, with a lovely clay-red tint.


The Clay Advantage

Clay has been the primary material used in roofing tiles for hundreds of years. With huge advancements in the clay-firing process, clay remains the ideal roofing material in terms of durability, weatherproofing and design.



Top-Notch Clay Tiles


Clients Say

SPW has been delivering quality, elegant clay roofing solutions to both commercial and domestic clients for many years. We take pride in our products and our work, always making sure to satisfy our clients thoroughly.