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  • Help your building stay cool during summers and warm during winters with our weatherproof tiles. Made of powder-processed clay, our weatherproof tiles are 100% natural, highly durable, low maintenance and leak proof. Thanks to their low heat profile, they also keep your roof accessible for rooftop activities throughout the year.

    Material: Powder-processed Clay
    Size: 9in. x 9in.
    Weight: 1.4-1.5kg
    Coverage: 1.77 tiles per sq. ft.
  • Create enduring beauty and add a charming character to your home with our double-groove roof tiles. Made of 100% powder-processed clay, they’re long lasting, environmentally friendly, weather resistant and low on maintenance. Their classic appeal makes them the ultimate crowning glory for any type of building.

    Material: Powder-processed Clay
    Size: 16in. x 10in.
    Weight: 3-3.1kg
    Groove: Double
    Coverage: 1.2 tiles per sq. ft.
  • Beautify your interiors or your exteriors with our ceiling tiles. They are generally used on wooden or iron fabrication under roof tiles to provide an elegant look to your ceiling. You can also use them as a designer false ceiling. Our top-notch ceiling tiles will make a flawless addition to your ceiling.

    Version 1 Version 2
    Material: Powder-processed Clay Powder-processed Clay
    Size: 14in. x 9.5in. 12in. x 8in.
    Weight: 2.4kg 1.7kg
    Coverage: 1.8 tiles per sq. ft. 1.3 tiles per sq. ft.